About Us

     My name is Aneika Blyden and I am the founder of Chayil Jewels. I was Inspired to start Chayil Jewels on this powerful phrase “Your words form your world.” I always knew words were powerful but I never really applied it until I felt stuck in various areas of my life and wanted a change. I decided to speak faith filled words, things I wanted to see, and it all began to manifest from there. After seeing such a major improvement in my own life, I began to think and ponder how I can help others?

     I would encourage my friends to test the hypothesis that words can change your circumstances, because it did for me. It worked for some of my closest friends, but I still wanted to help more people. Then a thought came to me while sitting at a lunch table with my fiancé, I will never forget it, I turned to him and said "I’m going to start a business creating bracelets with words of affirmation inscribed on them to help women speak positively and with confidence."He smiled and said let's do it!"
     Many have asked why I’ve chosen the word CHAYIL, a few years ago I was at a dance rehearsal and won this magnetic sticker with the words Chayil on it. When I looked at the word CHAYIL it spoke to me and I said in the presence of everyone there, "Whichever comes first Child or Business, I’m going to name it Chayil." Well, I was only a teenager when I spoke those words and had no intentions of having a baby or business at the time, but I just loved the word.Once I got the idea to start the business the word CHAYIL came back to me.
      I began to research the word to gain a deeper understanding of what the word actually means. In Proverbs 31-1:10 the writer describes a Virtuous woman as a confident and with moral standards. To my surprise I felt it was the perfect name to describe my jewelry brand. The word virtuous in context is translated as Chayil in Hebrew. Chayil is a Hebrew word which means power, strength, valor, wealth, glory, wisdom, force, excellence, honor, warrior and favor.
     I believe women should aspire to be virtuous, be a woman full of confidence that do not allow situations to change them but change their situations with what they speak. When a woman wears a CHAYIL  bracelet it's not just about fashion but it depicts a woman full of confidence, who creates her world with her words.